Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Unicron9 Custom Figure Workshop

Thanks for checking out the Unicron9 Custom figure Workshop old Blogspot page!
I cant seem to post pics here at blogspot in a way where they can be viewed full size, so I do not post here anymore. Only older (early 2011 and older) work is posted here, but I am still always busy making new custom action figures!

Here you can browse quick pics of my older work and get info on how to contact me for commission inquiries and questions.
I've been a professional full time action figure customizer for years, with a lifetime of art and painting experience. As a big fan of sci-fi, fantasy, comics, toons, and movies, I have extensive knowledge on the shows and lore that most of the best action figures come from.

I am almost always taking new commissions since I get my projects completed quickly, putting hours into customs every day.
Just send me an email to get your dream figure started!

Early 2011 and older customs

Click for a closer look!
The further down the list you get the older the custom work.
To see work from even further back click the "Older work" link to the right.

Click a pic to get a closer look!


  1. damn nice works and marvellous man....take a look to my blog..its also about a custom...kindest regards: wan de real:)